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MANFRED CHOBOT (translated by Jim Morrison)

Where Poets Meet in Session

  Translation into English by the autor Manfred Chobot  
  time machine

on an arbitrary day
you meet yourself surrounded
by counterparts

all of these topics
aged -
the book
has ten more years on its linen jacket
and since twenty years
you have used up
one or another record
and the unborn
the sucklings
teach you
how to grab the world


to my son

together with you I'd like
to reconstruct the world
remove the rocks
and renew reality
but I don't know
whether to offer what's real
as a global toy
or point out
the fantasy


splendid isolation

painfully I observe
the shape of my body
bordered by solution
to the next space
of unreachable distances
drilling my hand into
the bags of my pants
to keep me tight
to my own skin


many times

a skyscraper crashs
somewhere else burning houses
a bomb explodes
and war has no end
some others die in their own beds
you know them really well
beside me a woman sleeps
and I write a thousand times
my confessions
spraying on walls stick them to trees
using gates as a blackboard
crying my soul out of my body
forgetting what happens around me
overlooking the misery of the world
in front of me your picture
aching my stomach
as you twist my brain
devoted to you
time and again
so many times again and again


only flying is more joyful

for instance
from the golden gate bridge
taking the risk a jump
to face the challenge
at least trying one time
the experience tempts
whether legs will
crash on concrete
the spirit will land safely
with a scenic view of the city
giving way to attraction
enticed one time flying free
for your benefit
breaking the spinal cord
backwards runs the movie
of our mutual existence

don't throw yourself into a new affair
you cry severe
you will be crippled
a single tear drops down from my eye



I am fellini who films you
and wilder directs you
while mapplethorpe takes pictures of you
another time helmut newton
if picasso paints you
john lennon will compose a song about you
you are cicciolina to jeff koons
and marilyn monroe acts your role
because it's all she can do
while miller prefers just fucking you
you are the main character of my life
and I carry you as a visible sign
tatooed on my inner organs